Introduction of Mass 8

     We have begun our business in Hong Kong since 1996. Besides, we also have branches and factories in Shanghai and Guangdong. Our business includes a series of environmental protection issues such as collecting and recycling all kinds of obsolete and damaged electronic apparatus. Besides, we provide services including data degaussing, confidential information and stock destruction, data migration, computer system relocation, etc. We have registered with the Environmental Protection Department of HKSAR being an organization to provide environmental friendly disposal services. We strictly follow the relevant rules and regulations to proceed our business. In addition to a team of professional and experienced technicians and a variety of degaussing and crushing machines, we use burglary alarm system and 24-hour CCTV to monitor the disposal process. Moreover, we have our own logistics team to provide on-site collection service for our customers without involving third party, it prevents our customers¡¯ confidential information from leakage or damage.

    In 2003, Senior Officer Mr. Alfred K. M. Ng and Officer Mr. Dennis W. C. Chung of the Environmental Protection Department of HKSAR visited our office and workshop to examine our professional recycling process.

    In 2004, MTR Corporation, one of our customers, introduced and broadcasted at each of their stations how we recycle, dismantle and sort the obsolete computer equipment. In the same year, Cable TV arranged an interview with us about our environmental friendly disposal process. These media coverages not only aroused the consciousness towards environmental protection of the public, but also granted us a reputation on pushing the environmental protection.

    From 2004 to 2006, our customers such as HSBC, BOC, McDonald Restaurant, PCCW and Swire Group have sent their staff to visit our company. All of them gave highly positive evaluation towards our services and disposal process.

24-Hour CCTV

Logistics Team

Customers of Mass 8

    As we have been growing up substantially since the past years, we have already developed business relationship with most of the well-known and well-established companies in Hong Kong. Besides, some of the government departments are also our valuable customers. Listed below are part of our customers:

¡¤Bank, Finance and Insurance Field

    HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Bank of China, Citibank, ABN AMRO Bank, Bank of East Asia, Wing Lung Bank, HK Stock Exchange, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch & Co, Goldman Sachs (Asia), DBS Vickers Securities, CASH Group, Hantec Group, South China Brokerage, Fidelity Investments, MasterCard Int¡¯l, Citic Pacific Ltd., Manulife Hong Kong, AXA China Region Insurance, ING Life Insurance, Prudential Assurance, AIA Co. (Bermuda) Ltd., Metropolitan Life Insurance, etc.

¡¤Telecommunication, Mass Media, Real Estate and Construction Field

    PCCW, Hutchison Telecom, Peoples, Asia Tele-Net and Technology Corp. Ltd., Realink Group, CPC Net HK Ltd., Midland Realty, Ricocrop Properties, Tai Sang Land Development Ltd., Guardian Mandarin Management Ltd., TVB, ATV, HK Commercial Broadcasting Co Ltd., South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Sing Tao Daily News, Jade Dynasty Publications, Oxford University Press, Economist Group, Reader¡¯s Digest, AC Nielson, Cheung Kong Holdings Ltd., Hopewell Construction, Henderson Real Estate, etc.

¡¤Government Department and Public Utilization

    The Treasury, Social Welfare Department, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong Housing Authority, The Airport Authority, Education Department, MTR, KCR, Hong Kong Jockey Club, China Light and Power, HKU, CU, Polytechnic University, City University, OUHK, Baptist University, Lingnan University, HK Institute of Education, Po Leung Kuk, Yan Oi Tong, HK General Chamber of Commerce, Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, etc.


    J W Marriott Hotel, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kimberley Hotel, Holiday Inn Hotel, Park Hotel, McDonalds Restaurant, St. Honore Cake Shop Ltd., Dairy Farm Group, San Miguel, Swire Coca-Cola HK, Royal HK Yacht Club, Aberdeen Marina Club, HK Football Club, Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, Wing On Travel, United Airlines, Wong¡¯s Chubb HK, UPS, Fujitsu Denso, Hitachi HK Ltd., Universal Music Ltd., Morning Star Group, Fuji Photo Supply, etc.